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Frequently Asked Questions


1: What type of complaints are handled by CIU?

CIU investigates serious, non-criminal allegations of misconduct made against Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) personnel.

2: Can I report my complaint directly to CIU?

No, allegations are reported to the Miami-Dade School Police (M-DSP) department via the on-site administrator.

3: How long does an investigation take?

The investigative timeline includes 45 work days in which to complete all phases of the investigation and internal reviews. At the completion of the investigation, a recommendation of Probable Cause, No Probable Cause, or Unfounded will be made. The case will then be submitted to the Office of Professional Standards (OPS) for final administrative disposition. The entire process will usually take approximately 75 working days, absent any unusual circumstances. For more information, please review the Personnel Investigative Model (PIM).

4: How would I be notified of a complaint made against me?

Employees are initially notified by their immediate supervisor of an allegation. Once the case is assigned to an investigator, a letter via normal post and certified mail will be sent to the subject's address of record. A copy will also be sent to your official district email account.

5: Am I entitled to union or legal representation and who is responsible for arranging the representation?

If you are a member of a bargaining unit, you may request union representation. Please refer to your labor contract for more information. Additionally, anyone is free to seek legal representation with a private attorney. You are responsible for arranging all representation.

6: Who would I contact to get the results of an investigation?

The Office of Professional Standards (OPS).

7: If my complaint is made against my supervisor, can I just call M-DSP on my own?

The initial complaint should be reported to your supervisor's immediate supervisor. However in cases where you are unable to contact the immediate supervisor, you can report the allegation to Miami-Dade School Police (M-DSP) at 305-995-COPS.

8: If I am unable to come into the office, can the interview be conducted at an alternate location?

Accommodations can be made to conduct interviews at any district location agreed upon by both parties, including the CIU offices. However, the primary location would usually be the subject's assigned work location.

9: Is the investigation confidential?

During the course of the investigation, all information regarding the investigation is confidential. Once the investigation is completed and closed, it becomes public record in accordance with Florida Statute Title X, Chapter 119 Public Records.

10: Can my interview be conducted via telephone?

Under normal circumstances, your interview must be conducted in person. Once you provide a statement, it will be reviewed with you for accuracy and you will be required to initial, sign and date your statement. Under the current COVID-19 Pandemic conditions, interviews can be conducted via video conferencing and signatures obtained digitally.

11: Can I be present during my child’s interview?

Yes. Parent(s) or legal guardian(s) are welcome to be present during your child's interview. The CIU will not interview a minor without first obtaining written consent from a parent or legal guardian.

12: Can I refuse to allow my child to be interviewed?

Yes, you have the option to decline that your child be interviewed.

13: Will my child’s interview be confidential?

In accordance with Florida Statute Title X, Chapter 119, at the conclusion of an investigation the case becomes public records. However, based on School Board Policy, certain information concerning students must be redacted (ie: academic and disciplinary records, health or medical information, family status, assessment and testing results).


14: Who informs an employee of an allegation?

It is the work location administrator's responsibility to notify the employee verbally (within one business day) and in writing (within two business days) that an allegation has been made against you.

15: Who conducts a Conference-for-the-Record (CFR)?

A CFR may be conducted at the administrative level (work site) or at The Office of Professional Standards (OPS) based on the nature of allegation.

16: Who will notify the employee that an allegation has been made against them?

The initial notification will be made by the site administrator. Once the case has been assigned to CIU, written notification will be sent by CIU to the employee.

17: Who administers disciplinary action upon completion of an investigation?

Once an investigation has been completed, the case is forwarded to The Office of Professional Standards (OPS) for final disposition. CIU is an investigative entity and does not recommend or participate in the disciplinary process.

18: What support is available for an administrator conducting an Administrative Review (AR)?

CIU does not provide assistance with conducting an AR. Region Centers and the Office of Professional Standards (OPS) will continue to provide support to Administrators regarding AR procedures.

19: Can an employee withdraw a complaint after it has been officially reported?

Yes, an employee may withdraw a complaint which must be done in writing. However this does not prevent the investigation form continuing.

20: How do I generate a SPAR number for an allegation of misconduct?

A SPAR number is generated by completing the Incident Reporting Form and submitting it to Miami-Dade School Police (M-DSP).

21: I am unclear on whether to address the complaint at the work site or report it. What should I do?

Please contact the appropriate Regional Center, the Office of Professional Standards, the Civilian Investigative Unit, or Miami-Dade School Police for guidance.

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