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The creation of the CIU was adopted by the Miami-Dade County School Board on November 17, 2004 as a key entity in the District’s Personnel Investigative Model (PIM).

After careful review of the entire personnel investigation process of initiating and investigating complaints, the School Board, Union Representatives, and Associations identified eight (8) major issues regarding personnel investigations that the new model was created in order to remedy:

  1. Timeliness of personnel investigations
  2. Quality of investigations
  3. Notification to the employee of a pending investigation
  4. Terminology of the investigative determinations (Probable Cause, No Probable Cause, Unfounded)
  5. The employee’s right to appeal the investigative unit's determination prior to Board action
  6. Identify the entity that makes the final determination
  7. The role and function of OPS
  8. Timeliness for each aspect of the investigation.

The CIU strives to meet the guidelines set forth by the School Board and ensuring fair, timely, and unbiased investigations.

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